Outfits of the Week!

Thinking Snow!

It has been so cold here in Juneau, it almost feels like Alaska. Up the hill has been making snow and I can’t wait to strap on some skis and get out there (who even am I for saying that). It’s been a great couple of weeks full of events, lots of crafts and a minimal amount of sleep and I wanted to share a little of it with you. Here’s a mishmash of all of my adventures, some outfits and mostly just shenanigans happening here in Juneau. Have a great day today and happy thanksgiving!


Here’s a sneak peek at where I spend a lot of my time!
This floof monster is seriously the cutest thing in my work day. She even has an instagram account 🙂 @rossitheadventurer if you want more
My coworkers are good sports!












Obsessed with these new boots from Bass. They’re so cute and comfy and are great winter shoes!



Thanks for hanging out peeps, with the holidays coming up I’m sure we’ll all have lots of time to nap. Or not, because everything always happens and once and it’s just crazy. But I’m happy to share bits and pieces of me enjoying myself in Juneau, it’s definitely going down in the history books as one of the most awesome times I’ve had. Stay tuned for more and follow me on Instagram for daily updates and snapshots!





P.S. it just started snowing 😀

Happy Thanksgiving!


Accessorize Yourself!

Hi Guys!

Again, it has been insane and awesome and crazy here in Alaska, and I have been having so much fun! I thought I would take a quick minute to share stuff I’ve been working on.

Basically, living in Juneau is amazing, but one thing I really miss is the mall. And Target. And also every other store that isn’t Fred Meyers. But don’t get me wrong, I love me some Fred Meyers, but sometimes you need to spruce up a drab transition wardrobe with some good accessories. The clothes options may be limited here, but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer with the same outfit everyday! Below are some of my favorite pieces, enjoy!



This is my favorite headband of all time! It has wire on the inside and is super comfy to wear, it also stays on my head regardless of what my hair is doing. I bought this one at Target but you can find them at Forever 21 too! Also, follow me on Instagram for more silly stuff like this 🙂 @dressingoptimistically



The owls are among us! I don’t wear dangly earrings very often, but when I do, I go crazy. These adorable earrings came to me from my amazing cousin who works at a super cute independent bookstore here in Juneau. You can find their website here, they have books, toys, jewelry and all the other random things you could need! Check them out, also yay local business!



This earring combo is my usually, with small jems in my cartilege and these really cool studs I picked up at another local store called Kindred Post. If you can’t tell, the earring itself is a light blue stone with a gold cap on it. The store is in downtown Juneau and is a tiny post office with other cute stuff. It’s all very hipstery for Juneau, so naturally I love it.




Statement pieces are my life! I have become obsessed with necklaces that could possibly double as its own shirt. And this necklace might not be that big, but I love this thing! I also get an amazing amount of compliments on it, plus it makes quite a bit of noise when I move. I’m pretty sure I got this one at Forever 21. I’ve worn this thing a lot in the past year, here are some of my favorite outfits with it 🙂

here, and here, and here, and here



Exciting news! This necklace is from a super cool store called Boho Betty. They’re based in the UK but are starting to branch out to the states with cute stuff, and I’m obsessed! I also got a super cute bracelet that you can see below plus some cool earrings that were impossible to take a good picture of, click here to see more of their stuff! And even better, you can use the code “dressingoptimistically” for 20% off your whole order if you want. Go crazy!



This piece has a great little story behind it. The pendant and chain are from my lovely Aunt, and the gold ring was a gift from my Grandma when I was like 4 years old and they went to Greece. It even used to fit my baby finger! In high school, I found them both and decided to put them together. It’s my go to dainty dangle necklace and it has such a great history. So cute right?

Wrist Accessories:


I’m obsessed with watches right now. They look so grownup and I am actually learning how to tell time quickly. Plus, so cute right? This one was also about 12 dollars at Walmart and water resistant.



This is another piece from Boho Betty! Their main products are these wrap bracelets, and I went with a more delicate looking one to go with my favorite watches. I don’t think I’m converted to full out bracelet wearing yet, but this one is pretty cute and I’m getting more excited about it.



I was pleasantly surprised by this bracelet especially because I thought it was cute online but was a little worried about the fit. Turns out, it’s even cuter in person! I’m pretty excited about them, and if you like the look, you can get a good deal on them! The code “dressingoptimistically” will get you 20% off any order, check them out HERE!


Is that the end?

Alright you guys, that ends my list of favorite accessories right now, what did you think? I could definitely add more with categories like scarves, rings, literally any other piece of jewelry I own, if that’s something you’d be interested in. Let me know in the comments below! Probably one other accessory I’ll mention RN is my nails, which I normally paint myself and am a little obsessive compulsive about, but always make me feel put together and adult-like. They go with everything!

But that’s it for today, thank you for reading all the way to the bottom, let me know what you think and have an awesome day today!











*disclaimer, this post includes an affiliate link

Outfits of this Week!

It has been so long since I’ve done one of these and I’m sad about it! So I’m fixing it right now. Here you go, here are some outfits over the last several weeks of my life because it has been an insane and amazing month of change and craziness. And I’m so happy about it! Enjoy these and have an awesome Saturday! As always, find me on Instagram for every day adventures and random cute stuff I find on Pinterest, and follow me on Pinterest for that random cute stuff! @dressingtoptimistically will get you there, the sarcasm will keep you there     😉


New room space is clean and ready to go!
Let it snow!!!






My job is super cool and freezing cold


Another look at the Birthday OOTD!
Sometimes Juneau is fancy, and I get to be fancy 🙂
All day, Err day

The Haste Effect

So exciting news from me, I moved and got a new job! Seasonal work here in Juneau is always so weird to the outside world, but as my little shop downtown winds down, I’m going to be heading up the mountain to our ski area to do some awesome marketing stuff and basically play in the snow. It’s going to be amazing. But of course, all of this plus moving has happened all within about a week. And as someone who believes in tight turn arounds and continuous upheaval of your life (cause isn’t that just fun,) I thought I would bring some thoughts to you about how I’m doing, what’s new, and a ridiculous phenomena I have observed in the last week. I have dubbed it “The Haste Effect.”

Now let me explain in the form of a story. A couple of days ago, I was rushing around trying to get inside the car with my breakfast, all my stuff and without losing my socks down my shoes. And honestly, it just didn’t work out. I finally got out the door, into the car and managed to not forget anything inside. Feeling frazzled, I head off to work. Of course, I need to rush inside the building cause I’m still frazzled and running late, and I try to grab all my stuff. While doing so, my purse strap decides to wrap around the errant cd cases I have on the seat and hold on for dear life. I pulled my purse out of the car, all of the cd cases crashing to the ground around my feet. I have never been able to carry so many cd cases at once, especially with my purse strap.

That one instance made me want to rip my hair out, but it got me thinking. How on earth would something like that even happen? And why does it only happen when I’m in a hurry!! I DO NOT UNDERSTAND!!! And not just once. I have noticed things like this happening to me in some variation for weeks. Why on earth would my cup only spill when I’m racing down the stairs and the toaster take six million years to toast my toast to the perfect level of toastiness. Therefore, the formation of my theory the “haste effect.”

Basically, it boils down to two thoughts. When you are in a hurry or are feeling frantic, everything you are trying to hold on to, collect, or use will inevitably slip through your fingers or just get lost. On the flip side, all the stuff you don’t need will stick to you and cause problems by knocking things over, breaking or collecting in the most useless way possible. And it drives me absolutely insane!!!

As my grandma has actually said to me in real life, “haste makes waste,” and after this week, I have to agree. The haste to waste ratio grows exponentially in a way you only notice when you want to rip your hair out.

But wait you say, that doesn’t always happen! Let me give you more examples. How many times have you been in a hurry and could not find your keys/phone/shoes. When you’re trying to get ready and cannot get your eyebrow/eyeliner/mascara right? When you literally watch your pot of water boil because it can’t go fast enough? Counting down microwave minutes? Levels of toastiness? Get it?? ANYONE???

I guess it’s okay if it’s just me, I’m just saying, if super powers were real, mine would be the most inconvenient. But I’d be awesome at carrying cd cases and having mismatched wing eyeliner every day of my life.

On a lighter note, here’s something new!

It took some setup, thank you momsicle and the rest of the fambam and roomies for coming together to get me settled, potatoing has never been this comfortable! So have an awesome week, think optimistically and try to not let my super power take over your day. 🙂 Check back soon for some new outfits and fun adventures!


Happy Birthday Dressing Optimistically!

That’s right, can you even believe it!?!?! It has been a full year since momsicle took a couple of pictures of me on the deck in my favorite plaid shirt and boots and I created a little web page called Dressing Optimistically. I can’t believe I did it! We are here!

It has been a year of changes for me. Made up of changing jobs, moving, and finding my voice on this platform, all while having lots of naps and eating as much candy corn as I can get away with. I’ve gone back and looked at stuff I wrote even 6 months ago and am amazed at how different I sound. I didn’t even write anything on those first couple of posts! They’re so fun to look back at though, and it reminds me of every outfit planned, haircut and mismatched sock I’m proud of. And I love hearing stories about other people finding Dressing Optimistically and loving it as much as I do, even if to just keep in touch with me and my crazy family or see what outfits I put together. I so appreciate all the support and ideas and feedback I get, keep telling me what you think!

I’ve learned so much this last year and have loved every minute of it. It’s helped me find  a passion and career choice, it’s helped me have a creative outlet and has been an amazing space to create every and anything my little heart desired. And you know what? It can only get better from here. I plan on keeping up, better than I have this month at least, and growing the conversation! And I am so excited for the coming year! So let me know what you think, here’s to another optimistic year!


How could I have a birthday without cake and an awesome birthday outfit? This is my take on what I think people would have worn at my own first birthday in the great time of 1994. Of course, it’s a little updated, but I’m getting so into paisley and this is the most fun outfit I’ve had in a while. Just you wait for winter time and the unavoidable winter boots! Enjoy!


Happy Birthday Dressing Optimistically!!!