Weekly Update: Resolution Style

I know it's totally cliché, but if I tell the world my resolution this year, that'll make it more meaningful right? Here goes. My resolution is to get enough exercise that I *might* be able to survive a zombie apocalypse. If forced. And the zombies were slow. Baby steps, right? Other than that, this week... Continue Reading →

Weekly Obsession!

Obsessed with These Things! Sally's. They were so friendly and helpful, and I got an awesome color out of it. Shampoo and Conditioner from Lush. I just switched over, and it's already making a difference for my hair and scalp. Especially because I just dyed the crap out of it, so I'm trying to be... Continue Reading →

Weekly Update

New things? I'm kinda  a redhead now? So excited for a new hair color, it's so cute and I'm excited to show new pictures! Christmas time is coming, I'm so excited. Onesies are the reason for the season. Netflix better get ready for the onslaught of christmas movies that are about to happen. Youtube is... Continue Reading →

Weekly Obsessions!!

I'm crazy for these: Nyx concealors in yellow and lavender. Basically can cover any blemish or dark circle, as well as happy skin. Vitamin E chapstick. It's basically a tube of vitamin E and beeswax, and it has changed my whole life. I've put it on pimples, scars and problem skin areas this week, and... Continue Reading →

Weekly Update

Updates!!! I watched that buzzfeed video of people not knowing christmas songs and realized that I knew all the words. I know all the christmas songs. I don't know whether to be proud or scared of that fact. It's rainy here. Obviously, because its the PNW, but I've noticed, I really don't even mind the... Continue Reading →

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