Hello World!

My name is Emily and I have something to say.

Dressing Optimistically has been something I’ve thought about for a long time. Not just as I have learned to navigate the fashion world in my own way, but as I have observed the people around me. I’ve noticed how other people dress. Their go to looks, what comes and goes as fashion and how people of all ages feel about those fashion changes. And my thought? People should dress optimistically.

What does that mean do you ask?

People tend to get stuck in their ways, especially when it comes to fashion. I’ve seen so many people wear clothes in the era that they are most comfortable in, it’s too common to be a coincidence. People wear clothes from the time they were the happiest, the saddest or getting the most out of life. To those people still holding on to culottes, I’m looking at you.

One really great thing about our world is that fashion is always moving forward. It waits for no man (or woman!) It’s constantly changing, always evolving, and hard to keep up with. I think that’s why people get stuck in their culottes and dad jeans. Sometimes it can be hard to keep up, and some people flat out refuse. There are also roadblocks like nonstandard women’s sizing or the blatant refusal to acknowledge that plus size women don’t want to just wear floral burlap sacks.

This is why Dressing Optimistically is so important to me. Instead of staying stuck in the past or be limited by a close minded fashion industry, I want to encourage people to wear clothing that looks towards the future and encourages the best days to be ahead, instead of behind. By seeing new fashion, adapting new looks and expressing individuality through clothes, a person can be an optimistic dresser. The tools exist! My goal is share those tools with you in my own unique perspective.

Dressing Optimistically is the fruition of this idea, the fact that everyone should dress looking forward, not in the past. Through outfit posts, DIY projects, silly questions and whatever I find on the internet or the world to share, I hope to spread the idea of optimistic dressing and optimistic living. I want people to see fashion as a tool instead of a chore.

Fashion should be fun and everyone can dress optimistically! Take ideas from me, be positive about life and be optimistic today! Let me know how you’re an optimistic dresser by shooting me an email at dressingoptimistically@gmail.com and follow me on Instagram for fun updates and beautiful scenery.