Crisis Purple

Hello World!

A thing happened today and I’m pretty excited. Life is too short to have boring hair and my lovely hair stylist made my purple hair dreams come true! My cousin jokingly said yesterday that when you see a girl with purple hair, you know she’s going through something. Hence me dubbing this hair “Crisis Purple,” cause like, someone with something like this is having a crisis.

Now, it has been a day, a month and a year for me. With that said, I’m looking to the future with some hope and excitement about what’s next for me and really thinking about what my dreams are and where I want to be. So, with purple hair and some grit, I’m excited to see where the next stage in life will take me.

Follow me on Instagram at @doptimistically for more day to day stuff and lots of artsy purple hair shots and huge shout out to Elizabeth for being a great photographer and putting up with me. 🙂


Here’s my outfit of the day!

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