The Reviews are In: Foundations Put to the Test


The world is still a’spinnin and the makeup industry is hard at work. Being in a small town with no Sephora or Target has it’s ups and downs, one such down being we don’t have access to all the new and fancy beauty products. Nonetheless, I haven’t stopped finding and testing new things, my new favorite thing to try being foundation.

Let me break it down for you. There are things I need a foundation do, specifically long wearing, color matching and breathability. Some foundation has one or two of these going for them, but stay tuned for my favorite. I’m an oily girl and when I’m wearing makeup, I need it to withstand at least 12 hours of wear without looking cakey or breaking down. I also need it to blend well with my tried and true concealer, Tarte’s Shape Tape in Fair, along with Laura Mercier Translucent Powder and Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer.

First Up : Essence Fresh & Fit Foundation


Color match: Oxidizes one to two shades

Long wearing: Not in the slightest

Breatheability: Yes!

This foundation is a steal at $3.99 and does what it says! It goes on the face quite dewy but dries one to two shades darker. It blends well with concealer and powder and looks pretty natural, but if you need it on your face for more than two hours, it doesn’t hold up very well. It collected around my nose and broke down along my t-zone while bunching up on any dry patches. All in all, this foundation sits nice for an hour or two, but doesn’t stand the test of time.


Second in line : Wet n’ Wild PhotoFocus Foundation


Color Match: Good pale person options and pretty spot on!

Long Wearing: Meh

Breathability: Double meh

This foundation had quite the hype for a hot second, for the price and it’s claims. The Beau-Tubers didn’t lie when they said it smells like paint thinner, and the little spatula applicator is a little annoying. It does blend fairly well and takes concealer on top well, but it doesn’t blend into the skin as well as I hoped and sits on top in a cakey manner. It photographs nicely, but doesn’t stand up well and gets super oily around the t-zone. Overall, paint thinner meh.


Next Up: NYX stay matte but not flat Foundation


Color Match: Pretty good

Long Wearing: It tried

Breathability: Nopity nope

The coverage on this foundation is amazing and the color match is pretty close, though it definitely needs more options available. It goes on pretty well but is a little hard to blend on top of, and the breathability leaves a lot to be desired. It got oily pretty quickly and didn’t stay put as well as I had hoped, while breaking down around my nose especially. Overall, nice finish for an hour but left something to be desired.


Next: Maybelline Superstay Foundation


Color Match: Good!

Long Wearing: Impressive!

Breathability: Best so far

This new foundation from Maybelline has been reviewed well and is definitely worth it! I haven’t tested the full 24hrs, but after 12 hours of normal wear, it only breaks down slightly in the t-zone and holds up a lot better than the other options so far. The color match is really good for pasty ghosts like me and it doesn’t oxidize in the slightest, which makes life a lot easier. Overall, I’m super into it!

Next: Rimmel London Lasting Finish 25hr Breathable Foundation


Color Match: Awesome

Long Wearing : So good

Breathability: Super

This foundation is a little watery going on and is a light to medium coverage, but builds up really nicely and makes up for it with blending well and staying put. The trick to getting better coverage with the doe foot applicator is to put it on the face and let it dry for a couple of minutes, then blend it in. Overall, obsessed and into it, this is my go too foundation.


Next: Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation


Color Match: Really really good

Long Wearing: Blergh

Breathability: Ugh

Stick foundation can be a tricky one, and this is no different. The color match is impeccable, but it can go on thick and cakey if you aren’t careful. It blends better with a brush than the go to beauty sponge, and blends under concealer pretty well. It didn’t stay put for very long and got really oily in my t-zone quickly, so overall not my most favorite foundation.


Last but not least: Tarte Shape Tape Foundation


Color Match: Not great

Long Wearing: Laughable

Breathability: Moderately passable

This foundation has had quite the controversy with color range and formula. It’s definitely not my favorite thing, though I probably should have gone for the matte formula and not the hydrating one. This broke apart on my t-zone super fast and did not do anything it promised. Overall, total meh and 10 out of 10 would not try again.


So that’s basically it! I think I’ve procrastinated my dishes enough and have put some thoughts down on what I’m putting on my face. The experiments will continue, never fear, and I hope you enjoyed. Happy summer from Southeast and let me know your thoughts! Find me on Instagram for more adventures and have an awesome day friends 😉


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