The Juneau Dress Up

Hi there!

Life is crazy and sometimes my brain can only do one thing at a time. It feels like it’s been a million years since I’ve written anything, so here we are.

This is something I’ve noticed throughout the years while being in Alaska, Juneau specifically, and since I know lots of people here and from here that don’t live in town anymore, this trend seems to follow Juneauites wherever they go.

I’m calling this phenomena the Juneau Dress Up. The idea is pretty simple. Sometimes, living in Alaska is hard. You have to wear Xtra Tuffs everywhere because it’s raining buckets outside, plus it’s cold so you just want to wear every single sweater you have in your closet at the same time. When all of this is combined, what is an Alaskan lady to do when she wants to get fancy for those special occasions? She goes into her extensive collection and puts on earrings. Bam, Juneau dress up.

So I’ve seen this happen so much in my life, and I really love it. Both my mom, aunt and cousin (oh hey Elizabeth 😉 ) wear earrings everyday. I’ve even been told by some of them that they feel naked without their earrings. Other women in my life wear earrings a little less, but you can be sure those earrings are in if there’s any event happening outside of their normal routine, ie getting on an airplane, going to lunch, Pink Martini concert, etc.

Now, I don’t necessarily subscribe to this Juneau Dress Up routine as I wear the same studs everyday, and I do like to wear my fancy clothes when I get a chance, but as I spend more and more time here in the land of rain, I’m starting to convert to the earring craze. Who knows, maybe I’ll start earrings of the week here.

Thanks for reading to the end, even if this one was a little silly. But you know what, welcome to my brain space. Have an awesome week and let me know what you think about the Juneau Dress Up. Is it true? What are your favorite earrings?

Here’s an Xtra Tuff just in case you forgot what they looked like 😉
Here’s me actively flying an airplane for your enjoyment

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