Happy Birthday Dressing Optimistically!

That’s right, can you even believe it!?!?! It has been a full year since momsicle took a couple of pictures of me on the deck in my favorite plaid shirt and boots and I created a little web page called Dressing Optimistically. I can’t believe I did it! We are here!

It has been a year of changes for me. Made up of changing jobs, moving, and finding my voice on this platform, all while having lots of naps and eating as much candy corn as I can get away with. I’ve gone back and looked at stuff I wrote even 6 months ago and am amazed at how different I sound. I didn’t even write anything on those first couple of posts! They’re so fun to look back at though, and it reminds me of every outfit planned, haircut and mismatched sock I’m proud of. And I love hearing stories about other people finding Dressing Optimistically and loving it as much as I do, even if to just keep in touch with me and my crazy family or see what outfits I put together. I so appreciate all the support and ideas and feedback I get, keep telling me what you think!

I’ve learned so much this last year and have loved every minute of it. It’s helped me find  a passion and career choice, it’s helped me have a creative outlet and has been an amazing space to create every and anything my little heart desired. And you know what? It can only get better from here. I plan on keeping up, better than I have this month at least, and growing the conversation! And I am so excited for the coming year! So let me know what you think, here’s to another optimistic year!


How could I have a birthday without cake and an awesome birthday outfit? This is my take on what I think people would have worn at my own first birthday in the great time of 1994. Of course, it’s a little updated, but I’m getting so into paisley and this is the most fun outfit I’ve had in a while. Just you wait for winter time and the unavoidable winter boots! Enjoy!


Happy Birthday Dressing Optimistically!!!

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