Product Review: Too Faced Better than Sex Waterproof Mascara

I wore Too Faced Better than Sex Waterproof Mascara for a week and this is what happened:

Hello world!

Because I stalk Instagram forever each day, sometimes I see new products coming through that I really want to try. A couple of weeks ago I saw the little commercial with Kandee Johnson (@kandeejohnson) being a mermaid and applying copious amounts of mascara to her falsies. All well and good. But the most exciting news was that Too Faced was coming out with a waterproof version of their Better than Sex Mascara!!! Happy news for people like me who love that mascara!!!

Now, to be totally honest, I have never used waterproof makeup because of a middle school fear that it will never come off, it will destroy my eyelashes, and I will end up raccoon like. All valid fears, I think. But I wanted to try! Read below for what happened!

Here’s a side by side comparison of both tubes:13467586_10154253682974731_1776557230_o

First Impression:

The first application was a little disappointing, I ended up with pretty severe Ezma eyelashes, which consisted of four spider leg looking lashes sprouting from my eyes.  Not a good first sign. But, if you use mascara regularly, you know that the first application of any mascara can be crappy because the serum needs a little while to dry to that perfect application consistency. The application was fairly smooth but the brush is slightly smaller with less bristles than the original mascara.

Here’s proof:


So while I had Ezma eyelashes, it was not the worst possible scenario and I decided to wait it out. They don’t look that bad! My main concern at this point was if there would be a lot of mascara fallout under my eye, which has been happening since I was 12 with every mascara I’ve ever used. As I slowly step up my makeup game and learn more about those little tricks and tips, this was one I was eager to fix.

And guess what!? No fallout from this mascara!


It was kind of magical! No black mascara chunks under my eyes, my lashes staying put! All good things, and it was looking hopeful that my problem had been solved! Until I tried to take it off.

And Then What:

Now I change my skincare routine fairly often, but lately I’ve been using a wet microfiber cloth to remove all my makeup. Before that, I used the neutrogena makeup wipes for years and was sick of buying them. The microfiber cloth is awesome because it’s super cleansing, doesn’t have any extra chemicals, and is reusable. As long as you keep it washed and fairly dry after each use.

I attempted to use my microfiber cloth to remove this mascara, and true to its name, it is waterproof. The mascara barely moved. After scrubbing a little too hard and pulling a few eyelashes out accidentally (disastrous), I realized the cloth by itself was not going to get this mascara off. Which is great and also bad.

After that slight panic at 2am trying to get mascara off, the next night I tried a trick I’ve seen on Pinterest and other places, washing your face with coconut oil. I’d never done it before, but I had a little on hand and was kinda desperate. And praise the internet, it totally worked. PLUS the added bonus of cleaning all my skin gently and feeling amazing. I’m totally hooked on that too now.

So Far So Good:

Several days in I realized how consistent and awesome this mascara is. It definitely has to be taken off with some sort of makeup remover, but no dark circles of mascara fallout under my eyes, which is a total win!

After wearing the mascara for a couple of days, I tested it with another new venture for me, wearing actual false lashes. Every once in a while I loose an important lash hair and get a hole in my lashes, and last week I lost two. Total bummer, if you care about such things, but it made me want to try natural looking falsies to fill in the holes. I put on some falsies and then applied this mascara and was pleasantly surprised that it did a really good job of blending my natural lashes with the false ones. I did have some clumps come up that are directly correlated to the normal drying of the mascara as its used, but they were easily blended away and I was glad to see it worked with my falsies!

Here’s some photographic evidence that I have eyes, eyelashes and this awesome mascara. If you want to see more of these, you should probably find me on Instagram at @dressingoptimistically 😉3f26258cb18f4fccae2115c96d9828a8File_000 (19)

My Final Thoughts:

This mascara is fantastic. It blends falsies to my natural eyelashes super well, is completely waterproof which eliminates all mascara fallout throughout the day, but is massively hard to get off at night without the proper tools. Other than that, this mascara is just as good as the original mascara formula and I’m obsessed. I had to change my routine around a little to compensate for the extra removal steps but overall I’m super happy about this product and will use it regularly! Good job Too Faced for making another really great product!

Here’s a closeup of my face cause I’m sooooo good at this. Just kidding, I’m a dork. You’re welcome.


Decision: I love it!! Yay eyelashes!

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  1. I usually have to wear waterproof mascara & eyeliner (even worse!) to avoid smudging, and since I’ve started wearing it again recently I’ve remembered what a pain it is to remove. I got a sample of Burt’s Bee’s cleansing oil in the Target beauty box, and it works pretty well. And then sometimes I have to scrub my lash line with micellar water. The combination of the two usually works. And then when I’m really worried about my re-occurring problem with styes, I dip a q-tip in water sudsed with Johnson’s baby shampoo and run it over my lash line.


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