Outfits of this Week!

Clothes were worn!



You guys, I had a crazy weekend. After flying home after a full day of work, it was like a freaking family reunion. And then, Aviation Day happened. If you’ve never heard of it, no big deal, except that it’s a huge community event that Alaska Airlines puts on, and it is so much fun. There are tons of educational opportunities, kids get to fly the real flight simulators that real pilots use to train, and it is so much fun. Long day for volunteers though, and after several insane days of adventuring, it made me want to nap until next week. But I’m back in Juneau now, only kicking myself for not taking more pictures. I blame sleep deprivation. Anyways, clothes above, I finally went to fred’s and bought some new socks and couldn’t resist the plaid. Also, spot the Xtratufs. I told you guys they’re a southeast staple!

Have a good week this week, and shout out if you have heard of or went to Aviation Day this year! If not, plan on it next year, you won’t be disappointed 😉


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