The Marketing Department has a new obsession.


Today, while randomly walking through the mall, I found this BRAND NEW store! This particular location in Ogden, Utah is having its grand opening this Saturday at 10am! The first 50 people get a gift card, and one lucky person is getting a 250 gift card (can you guess where the Marketing Department is going to be tomorrow?!) I walked in, expecting the run of the mill curvy fashion store, too expensive, and too blah, and I was so wrong!

This store is AWESOME! It is like a funky mix of Forever 21 and Torrid (my other two favorite stores).  Ranging in sizes 10-26, and let me tell you, they are true to size, praise the clothing gods!! They specialize in more trendy, and fashion current clothes, which is fantastic, because sometimes it gets very hard to find trendy clothes, that fit and sit the right way.

The staff were incredibly helpful, and so kind! They had some great knowledge about their items, and obviously liked the clothes, which  I think is super important, because you can tell when someone doesn’t believe in the product they sell.

I also talked to practically everyone in the store, who were also super excited about a new curvy store coming in our area, and how trendy and fun the store is.


The picture above is of Suzy! I ran into her while I was trying on the whole store and she was more then happy to help me take pictures, and talk about clothes! The outfit she is wearing is all from Lovesick, and I am going to tell you about the jeans in a minute, because they are pure magic. However, how fun is that shirt! I think tank tops are such a fun trend, and that no one should be afraid of them! Plus who doesn’t love unicorns?!

Suzy really wrapped up the whole experience of Lovesick really well. She said that it is nice to have somewhere to shop, where there are clothes that you love, and a store to go to that makes you feel normal, and not like you are standing on the sidelines, watching everyone else buy cute clothes, that you can’t fit in.  It is so true! Sometimes it is so hard to find clothes that you love on the hanger, but then they just aren’t cut for your body, or that are just not made to wear with boobs, or a butt, or larger arms, thighs, whatever.  The nice thing about Lovesick was that you go in and you feel like you are shopping at just any store, not just a store for curvy people.

Now, let me tell you about the jeans.  I hate jeans, I hate shopping for them, I hate wearing them, I hate jeans. My body is not made for jeans.  I have no hips, I have no butt, and my biggest pet peeve in life is that pants just fall of my legs. I like to joke that I am shaped like Gru from Despicable Me.  However, I have found jean heaven. The pants at Lovesick are designed to give you the heart-shaped butt, that us buttless women desire, and people with butts the jeans help shape your butt so that it looks like all you do is squats all day, to have the perfect bottom. Just look!!!


I am obsessed. I restrained myself, and I only bought one outfit, and some jewelry, but you had better believe I will be going back!

Check them out!!

Find them on Facebook, Instagram and everywhere else, and tell them Dressing Optimistically sent you!!



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