Birthday Time!

A Letter to a Best Friend

Dear Best Friend,

I’m sorry I’m not there on your birthday this year, it seems so wrong, but alas, adulthood is gaining on us fast. So on today, the day of your birth, I’m writing you this letter. Mostly, thanks for answering late night phone calls for stupid questions, like how to spell the work dossier. And thanks for always being on my team in a fight or competition. Even if we’re separately kinda weird and confusing to the outside world, together we have way more fun than makes sense for the situation at hand. And we kick butt. So thanks for being my friend, even when you want to kill me, and thanks for always turning a new age first, so that I don’t have to worry about how it’ll turn out. I hope your birthday holds many great things like a nap and cake, and here’s to another great year of shenanigans. Enjoy the following pictures of past shenanigans, in case you forgot A. how weird we are or 2. how weird we have yet to be.

Anyway, Happy Birthday to you, here’s to a great 23!

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