Outfit of the Day: As Told By Sloths

Alright you guys, I did actually have an outfit today. I wore clothes, shoes and actually did my hair. It was wonderful. Then, after work, I decided to go to a nice “easy” class at the Y. Now, I made a resolution to get healthier, and I’ve been taking baby Zumba steps towards getting healthier and it’s been great. But today kicked my butt. So I’m going to tell my little story of this class with sloth GIFs. You’re welcome



Okay, so I head straight from work to the Y. I’m wearing my nice outfit, jamming to Adele and Backstreet Boys, driving through all the roundabouts. It’s going great. It starts to rain but I’m still optimistic that I can get a relatively close parking spot and call it good. Guess again. Parked in no man’s land, I run inside with my huge gym bag to get to this class. I put my running shoes and a t-shirt on, and my transformation is literally this:



So I’m feeling good, optimistic for an easy class, I don’t even put my hair up, no big deal. I walk into the class, and immediately want to leave. These people are like serious dancers. They all look like they eat kale for fun. The class itself is also super intimidating. You have to take your shoes and socks off, get a freaking ball, mat, weights, the whole shebang, and I am nervous. I really hope this class is as easy as I thought it would be. Everyone is super nice and inviting though, and we start this workout. And immediately I pull something like this:


And a lot of this.



Basically we did every kind of exercise you could think of, forever. Pilates moves, barre techniques, plank, good old fashion torture, the works. I was dripping sweat 5 minutes in, it was so hard. Never a good sign. The teacher totally kicked my butt.

By the end of the class, I’m begging for mercy, dying, and drowning in sweat. And the other ladies basically float away, having had a nice workout, while I basically fall down the stairs and try to make it to my car without embarrassing myself anymore. Which basically went like this:


As you can imagine, the whole experience was lovely, and if there is any chance I’ll be able to walk tomorrow, I’m sure I’ll jump for joy.

Anyway, I know this is a little different from normal outfit of the day posts, but I hope you like the breach from the norm and that you can also walk tomorrow, instead of falling down the stairs. Cheers to good health and ridiculously flexible instructors. Want more story time? Let me know in the comments! Here’s another sloth GIF because I can. 🙂b0b45381db181ded985ef24dee0d48be

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