The Whole 30- Day 1

From the Desk of the Marketing Department: 

I have recently decided to start a Whole 30 Challenge for a myriad of reasons, and I am going to catalog my journey here for you lovely readers on Dressing Optimistically! Whole 30 is a fairly new lifestyle change that in very vague terms is similar to a paleo diet.  For 30 days only (or more if you choose) You cut out grains, legumes, dairy, and sugar, in attempts to bring your body to a higher wellness level.

Whole 30 was created by a husband and wife power duo the Hartwig’s, and has had a large following, that is growing by the day. They are known for there tough love, a 96% weight loss rate, and the fact that the full 30 days has NO cheat days (if you cheat you have to start all over!)  YIKES! This is not a diet, or a weight loss fad but rather a look at a healthier life. It is targeted towards people with autoimmune disorders, hormone imbalances, and just general aches and pains, as the creators claim it will help cure those things.

I have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) which is notorious in the doctoring world, for meaning that not only do I have ovary cysts, but I also have issues with weight gain and inability to lose weight (along with a way to long of a list of other symptoms). The Whole 30 closely mirrors the diet one with PCOS should follow, but it is much more restricted.  This lifestyle change, and detox, appeals to many in the PCOS world, and thus far I have only heard positive experiences. So, even though I am scared, I figured, I had nothing to lose (but weight) from trying to accomplish a Whole 30.

So I thought I would share with all of you my experience: And here is Day One…

Day One of starting a diet  lifestyle change, is always the best day. You’re pumped, and raring to go.  You went grocery shopping, picked out ALL THE VEGETABLES, and you’re  excited to eat them.

Beets? Why not!

Blueberries? Frick yes!

Purple Potatoes? That’s a HELL YES, who doesn’t like purple potatoes? …. Apparently I like purple/blue foods.

Going to the store is a fun adventure. Throwing food into you cart, not caring that blueberries are out of season and thus ridiculously expensive.
Not one eyelid is bat as you spend all your hard earned money on perishable food.

Oh so perishable food.

But dammit, this is your diet  lifestyle change and you’re going to change your life.

Lugging all the groceries into your house, you giddily look at the spread. Fruit! Organic! Vegetables! Organic! Healthy Fats! Organic! Meat! Organic!


Organic is the Illuminati, of the food world. What is organic? Who is organic?  Is the first rule of Organic to not talk about Organic? Will anyone ever answer these questions? Nevertheless, you soldier through the unanswered questions.  You fill your fridge with your paycheck, because apparently organic means that everything is ridiculously expensive. Cabbage, Celery, and cucumbers, take the place of the processed food, that you previously manger’d (that’s my French Minor coming out, I always say Manger’d instead of ate, use it, it’s going to be the next lol).

And then your stomach growls.

And you look at the spread you’ve bought… and you realize…

You have no idea what to do with these foods.

Cabbage isn’t an egg roll! It doesn’t just heat up in the microwave!

That delicious organic chicken you bought?! ITS NOT COOKED! You have to actually cook it.

Those purple potatoes? Do you know how to eat them without sour cream, butter, and cheese? Do you actually know what a potato tastes like?

So you run to Pinterest, trying to find a recipe that doesn’t take a thousand hours to make…and after a futile 5 minute search you make scrambled eggs, and grab a handful of snap peas, because you know they are both okay with your diet. And those organic, brown, free range eggs are delicious, and you just know that your diet  lifestyle change is going to be awesome.

All joking aside, I have decided after extensive reading on PCOS, and other lifestyle changes, to try to do the Whole 30. I’ve actually been reading about it for the last six months or so, but I love legumes. I love legumes. I love peanut butter, black beans, soy beans, any bean really, and the first time I read about it I actually laughed out loud. Because I really really love beans.

But, after Christmas weight was added, and I realized I graduate from college in just about a year, I thought it was time to try the lifestyle change, so Whole 30 here we go. If I get the nerve up, I might add before and after pictures. I have been working on body love for months, and some days are great! But mostly, I spend a large portion of my day, pinching fat pieces on my body, and wondering, why I have no control over my weight. Which isn’t healthy, or body positive.

As I go, I plan on adding recipes that I like, and maybe some I make-up, and I am also going to be as candid, and honest as I dare be, I apologize now, if I get grumpy… When ones body is detoxing, one gets to be the Grinch.

And here we go….

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