Christmas Outfit of the Day


On today’s Christmas Eve walk, this random dog we saw and I matched! Momsicle and I walked all around and saw many wonderful things, even though it was kinda cold. We had fun adventuring and watching Christmas movies the rest of day, we even pulled out the ukuleles for a bit! The rest of the fam-bam is coming for Christmas on the 29th, but Momsicle and I are making the most of this holiday spirit with some friends and good movies. Merry Christmas from this side of Dressing Optimistically, I hope you’re having a wonderful and festive time! Watch out for tomorrow’s look, which will be even better!!!


Christmas is my second favorite day of the year! I live to wear Christmas sweaters, eat too many goodies, and dress up the dog in Christmas clothes!! My awesome Hipster Reindeer Sweater is a bargain find from Wal-Mart, and my jeans of course are from Torrid! I am obsessed with Torrid, if you haven’t guessed by now!  Wrangling Nana into her dress was a feat, but isn’t she the CUTEST! Nana Claus you’ve ever seen? #nanaadventures. This half of Dressing Optimistically is off to eat all of the Christmas food, watch White Christmas, and enjoy family time! Happy Christmas from the Marketing side of Dressing Optimistically!

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