Weekly Update


  1. I watched that buzzfeed video of people not knowing christmas songs and realized that I knew all the words. I know all the christmas songs. I don’t know whether to be proud or scared of that fact.
  2. It’s rainy here. Obviously, because its the PNW, but I’ve noticed, I really don’t even mind the rain. Unless I worked hard on my contouring, then I’m not as excited about it
  3. Tired is a part of my personality. But I am getting better at being a morning person. Bit by very small bit.
  4. With christmas around the corner, I begin to realize, I’m so bad at gift giving! One time, I gave a friend plastic food for a gift. I thought it would be funny, but she got me this nice gift, so it was really awkward. What are your best/worst gift giving stories?

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