Happy Thanksgiving!

On this day of beautiful sunshine in the Pacific Northwest, I remember how much I dislike sun in my eyes. I swear, its giving me premature wrinkles. Scrunching my eyes into the stupid obtrusive light as I try and live my life gives me more stress than touching strangers does. At least when strangers accidentally brush past me, I can gross out for a second and move on with my life. When the sun is in my eyes? It’s a never ending problem.

It may sound petulant, but the sun inconveniencing me while shining in my eyes, making me blind and too hot, really bothers me. It’s uncomfortable! I feel like I complain about it all the time, to whoever will listen, wherever I am. I’m turning into a curmudgeonly old lady at the ripe old age of 22 because of the darn sun.

As I’m thinking about this sun on Thanksgiving day, it makes me truly consider how grateful I am to even be in this situation, hating the sun in my eyes. Without the sun, I wouldn’t have anything around me. Nothing would grow, we wouldn’t exist, and if we did, we definitely wouldn’t be able to see anything. Although it would be cool if we were like those bioluminescence fish in the Nemo movie.


Equal parts terrifying and cool, right? I’ve worked too hard on my teeth to let them look like that though.

Without the sun, we might all look like that scary fish. And I don’t want that. Which makes me grateful for the sun shining in my eyeballs. Because I have eyeballs that can see that light. Giving me those untimely wrinkles.

On this Thanksgiving morning with the sunshine in my eyes, I am grateful for my family “trying” to cook around me while I write this, talking about superheroes and how to make dough not as sticky. I’m grateful to sit here, thinking big and dreaming bigger while I remember the goals I have and the steps I have to take to reach them. Even if some of those steps are hard or are slightly inconveniencing.

This world is not perfect, nothing worth having comes easily, and today, I’m okay with that. Feeling mad-inspired and worried about the future has given me the perspective of being grateful for what I have and the drive to go for everything I want. I hope that feeling is contagious.

So. Enjoy the food today, nap your heart out if you get the chance, have fun with crazy family, and be “mad-inspired” today to follow your dreams while squinting in the sun. Because that’s what today is all about, right?

Here’s a picture showing how cute we are.

IMG_4398Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

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