Outfit of the Day – Halloween Edition

Spooked Ya!
Today’s post requires a little more explanation before the picture, and is more of a flashback than anything else. As a kid living in Fairbanks, when Halloween came around, I always asked to be something crazy, and could never handle the fact that it was 20 below and I couldn’t just wear my tutu and tights outside. Momsicle, being the crafty ninja that she has always been, made us capes to wear over our snowsuits instead. The end result was always super adorable, but four year old me didn’t like it. Every year we had the same fight. And almost every year I would wear the same cape.

Isn’t it cute and also terrifying? I went as a clown! Complete with cape, wig, and the redest lipstick my mom owned. Looking back, it really is a fun story, and when I woke up this morning, my mom reminded how much I loved that cape and maybe, because it is Halloween, I should find that old cape and be a clown one more time. After a lot of searching, I didn’t actually find the infamous cape, but luckily enough Momsicle is a fabric hoarder and kept that same fabric from 20 years ago. So, with no plans and a project in mind, I did what I thought I never would. I made my own cap. Now, it really turned into more of an apron, because I’m not completely crazy, but it was really fun to whip together with my mom for old times sake. And here’s the final product!


So fun right?

It took me a ridiculous time to do that crazy makeup too, but I got to add my own adult twist to a great kid costume, and I couldn’t be more glad. It was a great day off/Halloween/do nothing/need a project day yet. Here’s an up close of the makeup for funsies. It definitely took longer than the sewing project, ridiculously enough.
Anyway, I hope everyone is having a safe and fun Halloween, I know I’ll definitely be spending at least some of it watching the Nightmare Before Christmas, even as I argue with momsicle about whether it’s a Christmas movie or Halloween movie. Who really knows? Happy Halloween!!!

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